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This gallery is dedicated to my growing (all be it slowly) collection of 28mm ancient armies based around the time of the Punic wars. The armies shown below can be viewed in more detail by clicking anyone of  the corresponding links listed here Carthaginians. Numidians. Republic Romans.

Carthaginian forces clash with their on-again off-again Allies the Numidians somewhere in the Mediterranean.
Spanish and Numidian light cavalry skirmish on the Carthaginians right flank.
A large unit of Impetuous Celt-Iberians engages the Numidian elephants.
To the left of the Celts more Spanish light troops struggle to contain the fast moving Numidians.
The Carthaginian general charges his Numidian counterpart on the left flank of the Libyan spear-men.
Below Roman Velites and Hastati advance to engage Spanish light infantry and their supporting Libyan spear-men.