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28mm Desert Terrain.

Terrain Boards

This desert layout was my first attempt at terrain boards (the mark one’s). All five boards were fashioned from a single sheet of 50mm thick Styrofoam. The roads and various depressions were cut into the foam boards before painting and flocking. A variety of road layouts and table sizes can be achieved by arranging the five boards (3x 2ft/4ft, 1x 2ft/1ft, 1x 4ft/1ft) in different combinations. The light weight Styrofoam, although stronger than Polystyrene doesn’t handle the knocks that well, so some repair work is occasionally required.


These were made from polystyrene blocks that I attacked with a belt sander. After reaching the required shape each hill was sealed with PVA glue for added strength. Next a basing mix (of various sized grits) was glued in place to add some texture and depth to the hills. Finally after undercoating and dry brushing, the flock was added.


The following buildings were all purchased from Monolith Design a few years back.

Irregular House

From the adobe range (catalogue number 25-10) this is the only building(bar the granary) that has a fixed roof. It measures 160mm long by 76mm wide and 56mm tall.

Large House

This building I can’t seem to find a photo for on their website. I believe its from the Inca range (catalogue number 2516, large house), but I bought these so long ago and can’t really be sure. It’s basic measurements are 135mm square by 56mm high.

Medium House

Again I can’t find a matching photo on their website, it may or may not be the medium house in their Inca range (catalogue 25-15). Its Measures 152mm in length by 76mm wide and 62mm tall.

Small House

Same as the two before above(no picture on the website), Inca small (maybe). Catalogue number 25-14, measuring 112mm long by 75mm wide and 60 tall.


This beehive granary is from Monolith’s Egyptian range (catalogue number 25-41). It measures 70mm in diameter and 105mm tall.

Market Stall

This model is from Steve Barber’s market stall range (catalogue numbers M1, M2 & M3)

Mixed walls

These walls are from the Adobe range again (catalogue numbers  25-21 for the high and 25-22 for the low). Both are 150mm long, with the high wall measuring in at 35mm tall and the low at 18mm tall.


These home made barricades were knocked up using a combination of generic barrels and wooden boxes, while the meal sacks were modelled from green stuff. They are all based on 3mm thick plastic card (60mm long by 20mm wide).

Palm Trees

I couldn’t resist these lovely etched brass palm trees when I stumbled upon them in the local model railway shop. They were quite pricey so I ended up slowly collecting them over a long period of time. The steel pin in the bottom of each tree is ideal for Styrofoam boards, as they can be push into the soft foam anywhere on the table.

Tall Grass/ Scrub

Clumps of tall grass were cut from a cheap door mat. The tops were then trimmed and dry brushed before some flock was glued around their bases.


These plastic tents are made by Renedra and can be found on the Perry website in their plastic accessories range.

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