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40mm Perry (Sold)

The Napoleonic wars are by far my favorite historical period to collect and war-game. In fact, over the years I have amassed Napoleonic armies in 6mm, 15mm, 28mm and 40mm scales. Some of these armies I’ve sold on only to turn back around and started collecting them all over again. In an effort to rationalize this wide range of figure scales I decided that the 40mm lads had to go. After all, other than the scratch built walls pictured here I had no real terrain for them.

The following pictures were taken for the ad I placed on trade me.

40mm British Spanish Peninsular war figures from Perry miniatures.

40mm French Spanish Peninsular war figures from Perry miniatures.

Scratch built wall (middle section) front & back views .

End wall section rear view.

End wall section front view

2nd end section rear or inside view.

General photos of figures and wall sections together.