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Anglo Allied Troops and Terrain

Filling the gaps in the line

The units shown here are a bit of a mixed bag really, as they were all hurriedly painted and based to cover the missing elements in the Anglo-Allied army at our clubs multi-player re-fight of Waterloo. I plan to go back and bulk out this force at some stage, but like most war gamers my ambitions far outweigh my ability to even thin down the mountain of unpainted lead I currently possess let alone add extra projects to the list.

 British Guards

Pictured above are the British guard brigades of Matiland and Byng which were commanded by George Cooke and formed the Prince of Orange‘s first infantry division. The third infantry brigade shown here was commanded by Lt-Col Mitchell which a long with Rettberg’s battery were the only units of the British 4th division present at Waterloo, the remaining two divisions were stationed at Hal.

Reserve Infantry

Pictured above are elements of the fifth and sixth infantry divisions shown here with Wellington’s army command stand, aid de camps and supporting artillery  bases. Left is a closer look at captain Whinyates 2nd rocket troop which was attached to the cavalry corps.

Allied Cavalry and attached Royal Horse Artillery Batteries.

Four of Uxbridge’s eight cavalry brigades along with all of the corps horse batteries are pictured below. These included the light dragoons under Dournberg (3rd brigade) and Vabdeleur (4th brigade), Sommerset’s 1st (household) heavy brigade and Vivian’s brigade of Hussars. The artillery consisted of one rocket and five horse batteries.

The Brunswick Contingent

This formation includes two infantry brigades, one light (which encompasses the Avantgarde battalion) and one line brigade. The light cavalry element includes models depicting both the Uhlans and Hussars regiments while Hienemann’s horse battery is represented here by a British horse battery as the current Baccus artillery models don’t include matching limbers at this stage.


All the buildings shown here are part of  The 100 Days range from Total Battle Miniatures. These resin cast models were designed with a shrunken footprint to portray a more realistic area of ground cover for gaming at this scale. The trees were purchased from the local model shop and based on 2mm plastic card. If 6mm war gaming in this or any other period appeals to you I would suggest checking out this site 6mm Wargaming (if you haven’t already).

Hills and Roads

I’ve had mixed success when it comes to making hills and roads. The hills look okay but I tend to place them under the drop cloth as they seem to work better that way. The roads are made from strips of painted and flocked sandpaper, these were my first attempts and are a little too dark and narrow for my liking.

Other Buildings

Lastly pictured below are two Spanish and one European building all of which like the figures above were purchased from Baccus miniatures.