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Basing Conundrums


This page contains a number of links to some step-by-step basing guides for a selection of individually and group based figures. Now I will confess the following guides are more for my benefit than anyone else’s, as I often forget how I based certain armies (hence the inclusion of paint colours). This lapse in base consistency has resulted in some pretty motley looking forces with the various configuration making some armies look a bit disjointed. That said, it is my hope that some of this information will give someone a new basing idea or two.

Please bear in mind these are not intended to be basing guides for one off show stopping models, they are more or less simple guides/ideas on which to base a large number of figures relatively quickly.

Below are some prime examples of what I’m talking about in the intro. Each of the three rows contain figures from the same period and game system, for one reason or another they have all ended up with different base layouts.

For individually based Napoleonic skirmish figures.
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For a more flock orientated basing system
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