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Death in the Desert

Ah, Yet another period I had no real interest in until those damn Perry brother’s starting making their Sudan range. What follows is a look at all the figures, rules and terrain I have collected thus far. Sometime in the future I will add a battle report or two and more unit photos (as and when I finish painting them).

The Mahdist wars 1883-1885

Mohammed Ahmed Abn Al Sayid Abullah the son of a carpenter proclaimed himself the Mahdi in 1881. He set about organizing the various tribes of the Sudan into a force with which to rid the land of Egyptian infidels.

This army of Dervishes was highly successful in defeating Pasha Hick’s Egyptian force that was sent to disperse them. It was not until after the British General Charles Gordon was killed and Khartoum taken, that the tide began to turn for the Dervish.

If you were ever toying with the idea of starting a colonial army but didn’t know where to start, then the abundance of colourful  units taking part in this conflict might just be worth a look.

Click the image below for a closer look at the terrain.