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Wet Palette

Here’s a quick guide on how to make a wet paint palette. When I first saw this idea I didn’t really think it would be much chop. The You-Tube video I watched used paper towels which once wet lost their structure and very quickly the ability to retain water. I nearly canned the idea there and then, it just dried out too fast to be much use to me. Then I hit on the idea of using Chux multi-cloths instead of paper towels. This works a treat, now there is probably a ton of You-Tube videos out there already stating this fact so I’m not staking any claims to fame here, just passing on an idea to anyone who hasn’t tried this before.

You will need the following ingredients

1x Chux Superwipes cloth.

1x Plastic Ice-cream container lid or similar dish with a lip type thingy.

1x Sheet of baking paper cut to the same size as the Ice-cream lid.


Fold Chux multi-cloth to fit the ice cream lid (you will want it three or more layers thick here in order to hold a decent amount of water). Trim to size, then add water before placing the baking paper on top.

Job done.

Wet Palette 1

Wet Palette 2

Wet Palette 3

Wet Palette 4

Wet Palette 5

Paint palette master