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Dux Sea Raiders

My 28mm Dux Bellorum Viking army.

This is a standard 32 point army

  • General (noble foot warriors); 5 points
  • Three bases of noble foot warriors; 15 points
  • Three bases of foot warriors; 9 points
  • One skirmish stand; 1 point. (I have painted both bow & javelin options)
  • One extra leadership pip; 2 points

All units are based on 120/60mm rectangles, with the standard movement rate set at 40mm. This works well on the six by four foot tables we have at club. The idea was proposed by a club member and readily adopted as the standard basing for 28mm games. Nice big bases make the game visually more appealing while still keeping the army at reasonably manageable number to collect and paint.

(Above) General’s Base.
(Below) Three stands of noble warriors.

The bulk of this army is made up of Crusaders miniatures. A mix of both their Saxon and Viking ranges, with a few Foundry Vikings added in for variation. All of the flags,banners and shield transfers are from Little big men studios. To add still more variation I swapped out some of the Crusader shields for Gripping beast ones. This also allowed me to use a larger range of shield transfers.

(Below) Three warrior stands
(Below) Two skirmisher stands, bow and javelin
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