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National Flag

At this time the Egyptian national flag was the same as the Turkish flag: red with a large white star and crescent in the middle.The Khedive’s standard (not shown here) was also red, but with three smaller stars and crescents on the half nearest the flag staff.

Battalion Flags

Each of the eight Egyptian battalions were issued with a battalion flag made from green silk. This flag measured 40″ x 32″ and had a white Arabic (Hindu) battalion number in it’s centre.

Company Flags

Each company within the battalion had a small coloured flag with it’s company number marked in white at its centre.

  • 1st-Blue
  • 2nd-Black
  • 3rd-White
  • 4th-Amber
  • 5th-Green
  • 6th-Vermilion.
Infantry Platoon

This twenty man unit represents one infantry platoon in game terms. It contains an NCO, lieutenant, bugler, two standard bearers and fifteen privates. Both of the command figures are required by the rules. They have a bearing on unit morale tests throughout the game, where as the bugler and two standard bearers are just for looks. All figures shown here are from the Perry Brothers Sudan range and are painted in their summer uniforms. The standard bearers carry the National flag and that of the 5th battalion.

Basic Uniform/ Painting guide
  • Tarboosh or Fez (felt hat) : Red-crimson with black tassel. This was often adapted to give better protection against the baking sun (some of these variants are sketched below).
  • Flash: Coloured Flashes were worn on the front of the Fez for unit identification (listed below)
  • Tunic: White with Brass buttons (summer uniform). Navy blue (winter uniform), only worn by officers in the Sudan.
  • Belts, cartridge box, bayonet scabbard and shoes: Black with brass belt buckle.
  • Trousers: White for summer uniform and Navy blue for winter (again not worn by regular infantry in the Sudan).
  • Gaiters: White, later replaced by Puttees.
 Battalion flash colours
  • 1st Battalion: Green diamond
  • 2nd Battalion: Black triangle
  • 3rd Battalion: White diamond
  • 4th Battalion: Red and green triangle
  • 5th Battalion: Bright blue diamond
  • 6th Battalion: Violet rectangle
  • 7th Battalion: Red and green diamond
  • 8th Battalion: Yellow triangle
Gun and Crew

A Four man Egyptian gun crew fires their Krupp 6pdr. Three of the crew are (like the infantry above) mounted on 25mm square bases while the fourth crew member is mounted with the gun on a 50mm square base. When the last crew member becomes a casualty the gun is removed from play so there is no need to separate him from the artillery base.

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