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Grand Manner Buildings

Here’s a closer look at the Grand Manner buildings I used in this campaign. With a short bullet point review quickly covering my personal thoughts on this product.

  • Service: I found the service from this company to be very good. After placing the order I received a number of e-mail updates. Any subsequent e-mails I sent were answered quickly. I did have one small problem with the order, in that one of the small roof sections did not match the building it was supplied for. This was resolved quickly and without any fuss.
  • Packaging & Postage: There are a number of postage options on the web site offering different delivery time frames and corresponding prices. My order was well packaged and arrived undamaged relatively quickly (England to New Zealand).
  • Value for Money: This is subjective to one’s own taste and readiness to part with their hard-earned coin. Here I will simply say,  I am very happy with the products I have received thus far.
  • Quality: To my eye the buildings themselves seem well proportioned and detailed.  All have removable roofs and internal floor patterns. All buildings bar the church, Roman towers and wall sections are mounted on nicely detailed bases.
  • Nit picks: If I had to say anything negative about this product it would be that there is a small amount of bubbling on some of the moulds. These bubbles are few in number and generally not noticeable when the buildings are painted and the two foot rule is applied, alternatively they could be filled with modelling putty. Lastly, the base thickness does vary from building to building, one or two are a little thick for my liking, again fixable, with a belt sander.
  • Summary: All and all I am very happy with these buildings and the dealings I have had with this company (my paint jobs and photos don’t do them justice).
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