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Iroquois Confederation

The Iroquois, also known as Haudenosaunee (People of the long house) were a confederation of six Indian tribes based in and around New York state area. Four of these tribes (The Mohawk, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca) allied with the crown for the duration of the American war of independence. While the two remaining tribes (Oneidas and Tuscarora) along with the Stockbridge Indians chose to align themselves with the Continental forces. The map shown to the left is my attempt at a very basic territory guide which depicts only the general areas where the various tribal lands were located around the year 1722. Although other tribes took part in this conflict I have no plans to add any new units to what I have finished already .

Pictured below: Hendrick Theyanoguin (Hendrick Peters aka Mad Dog) was the only mounted Indian chief in the Perry’s range (at the time of writing this) and as such the obvious choice as a group commander for my small band of Indians.

Killed in an ambush action known as “The Bloody Morning Scout” King Hendrick was the leader of the Mohawk bear clan from the upper castle (above the Mohawk river).

◄In Land of the Free each unit has four levels of discipline (instead of figure removal). A unit’s fighting fitness (discipline) is reduced whenever it suffers a predetermined number of hits. For ease of play I have decided to track these results with dice mounted onto the back of each unit command.

All figures pictured here were once again designed and manufactured by the Perry Brothers. Individually based and painted some time ago they were originally intended for use with the various French Indian War skirmish rules I was messing around with back in the day. Unfortunately my interest in skirmish games has narrowed some what over time and as a consequence these lovely figures had been boxed and buried until now.