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Just Made FeB2017

Over the past two or three months I have been pretty busy beavering away in the garage building a multitude of new terrain pieces for my hobby room. Thus far I have managed to complete six trees, nine terrain boards and quite a few feet of stone walls and snake rail fences. Rather than photograph these new items individually I decided to take a few shots of them all together on the new terrain boards.


There is a mixture of trees shown in these photos, some are from the first wave of trees that I made a couple of years ago, while six are the new mark II trees I’ve been making over the last month or so. These newer trees are made from pieces of drift wood mounted on a plywood base. The foliage is simply flock glued to coconut husk. I spent a bit more time on the bases of these trees (pictured below) adding root systems, rocks and dead branches for effect.

Stone walls

These resin stone walls are all from rubber molds I made myself. So far I have completed molds of two destroyed short wall, one corner, one long and one short straight wall section. New to resin casting this has been a slow learning curve for me. Although I have plans to make more wall sections I am undecided on whether or not to invest in a pressure pot which should help minimize casting bubbles.

Snake Rail Fences

I have slowly been building these on and off for years now, by making a mold for the base, this latest bach (mixed in here with older ones ) took half the time to complete

Terrain Boards

The last three terrain board sections needed to fill the table are shown below. They still await their flock which I hope will be turningĀ  up very soon. After these I’m planning to start working on some river board sections

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