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To Tree or not to Tree

With the advent of a wet Easter weekend stretching out before me I decided to have a crack at building some model trees and fences from scratch. Primarily, these would be for my 28mm ACW games, but the trees will come in handy for any of the other 28/40mm periods. My current tree collection although large in number seems more suited for 15mm games rather than 28mm figure scales. So with just two basic criteria in mind (make them big and make them durable) I set out to build some trees.
Pictured below are the first five off the production line. Made from a combination of twisted wire, sticks and flock they turned out a touch bigger than I expected, but apart from that I am generally happy with the end result.

For the fences I used garden bark (for the stones) and precut sticks for the rails. Pretty simple stuff really, but you can never have too many fences for ACW and these made a nice change from making snake rail fences.