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Just Painted 06.04.15

28mm Polybian Romans

First up are some pictures of three more units for my Republic Roman army. Once again all models for this army are from the Aventine miniatures range. I now have two heavy foot and two skirmish stands based and ready to go.

Spanish Skirmishers

These are to replace the Numidian light troops currently in my Carthaginian army. The Numidian skirmishers in turn have been added to my recently finished Numidian army.


Here are just a couple of photos of the elephant element in my newly finished Numidian force. For a full look at all the units that make up this Impetus army click this link.

Friend or Foe


With the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in June I’ve been messing around with some possible scenario games. The first of which will be based around the action at Hougoumont. With this in mind I’ve painted and based some small Hanoverians, Nassau and French units. Pictured here (a long with Hanoverian units) are some individually based Jaegers.

6mm Napoleonics

The other project based on Waterloo will be a full re-fight of the battle in 6mm using Sam Mustafa’s Grande Armee/Fast play rule set. This is more of a club project with various club members contributing units from all three armies. Pictured here is some of my British as well as Napoleon who is sporting a new base.

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