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Just Painted 20.06.15

Republic Romans

At last I have enough Republic Romans finished for a Basic Impetus force. Pictured below are two newly completed cavalry units, the first of which contains the army commander, standard bearer and musician while the second base consists of an officer and standard troopers. Although I am currently painting more heavy infantry to increase the size of this army the two bases pictured here complete a basic force. For pictures of the complete army click here.

28mm Napoleonic casualty markers

Pictured here are the first of my repainted casualty bases. I have also included a couple of  comparison photos showing both the old and the new basing styles. Although  the square bases (with numbers painted on them) were very practical in gaming terms I much prefer the new look especially in skirmish games.

6mm Napoleonic

A quick look at the last of my bases for our multi player club re-fight of Waterloo. Shown here is a couple of Brunswick infantry brigades and the British rocket battery. Building wise starting at the top left we have Hougoumont, Frischermont, Papelotte and La Haye Saint.

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