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Just Painted Dec 2016


What a big year it has been for my wife and I, not only did we move from Auckland (North island) to Nelson (South island) of New Zealand, but adding to that was a massive lifestyle transition from the city to a farming way of life. All of which has left little time for my hobby. On the upside however, I now have a large dedicated war-games room with a some what smaller adjoining painting room to boot. One of the many other benefits of the move was that it forced me to sort out all the spare lead I had stashed in a thousand small boxes and bags over the past years. Some of which after a quick re-base and a lick of paint appears before you here.

Like those before me and undoubtedly like the many that will  follow in my footsteps I am on the never ending quest to find the holy grail of Napoleonic rules. I’ve tried a good many rule systems in my time the last of which prompted a change in my standard figure per unit ratio and their relative base footprints. The results of which required a massive amount of re-basing on my part. Moving house has unearthed the last surviving elements of the old basing system and over the last few weeks I’ve been working to re-base these figures. The following units pictured here are the first of the last, so to speak. Two battalions of Old Guard, a single regular line battalion, two regiments of Chasseurs and one regiment of Hussars.

Besides all the re-based units I’ve also found time to finish a regiment of Cuirassiers along with some casualty and low ammo markers for the Napoleonic, French Indian and American Civil wars. Below these are the last of my Perry plastic American Civil War figures and some individually based French Indian War British regular infantry.

French Indian War casualty markers

Figures for American Civil War low ammo markers from Steve Barber Models

Two shots of the last Confederate infantry I currently had left to paint

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