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Just Painted Jan 2017

Artillery Month

Most of my Christmas break was spent working on terrain pieces rather than painting figures. Between making rail fences, rock walls, trees and terrain boards I did manage to tidy up the last of my 28mm French artillery, paint a couple of Austrian guns and punch out some 15mm stuff. All and all not a bad effort even if I do say so myself.

Pictured below are two stands of old Guard foot artillery, two stands of line foot artillery and four bases of Horse guns. These are the last of my French artillery elements that were in need of a basing upgrade. Originally painted with quite a bright blue uniform I took the opportunity to repaint and tone down all the gun crews shown here. When adding these to six previously completed¬† Perry guns (from Foy’s division) and four other Front Rank gun stands I can now field a total of eighteen 28mm French artillery elements.

First two stands of Austrian Foot Artillery are finally finished.

15mm French

As part of my “finish off old projects”, project I managed to dig these 15mm artillery and infantry figures out of a box and slap some paint on them. The flags are just free prints off the net which I tweaked (enlarged) to the size I liked the look of rather than one that is historically correct. No closeups here because boy my eyes are really starting to struggle with smaller scales, thank god for the three foot rule is all I can say. Depressingly the box is far from empty as there is still a ton of (Battle Honor)¬† Austrians and French awaiting their turn on the painting table.

These last two photos show recently completely ancient and Napoleonic casualty markers.The small squares mounted on each stand were cut from plastic box section and are the ideal size for holding the 6mm dice I use to help keep track of unit causalities.

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