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Just Painted

Here are the first of my newly finished ACW Union artillery batteries. As you can see from the pictures below my limber teams only have two horses instead of six. This is to save table space. In this configuration when the artillery and limber stands are placed end to end they measures in at a total 160mm, where as a gun with a six horse limber base would be closer to 300mm.
All of the artillery models pictured here are a combination of the Perry brothers metal and plastic box sets. One thing I did find when painting these figures was that the metal artillery wheels are smaller than their plastic counter parts. As a result of this discrepancy I ended up fitting all the smaller metal wheels to the limber teams while keeping the bigger plastic wheels for the guns.

Also freshly painted and based is the last box of my plastic ACW cavalry. Four of which I painted as Confederates, while the remaining eight joined the Union. I also included photos showing these figures added into their corresponding parent units.