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Just Played 22.06.15

Save the Cannon

Here’s a quick look at a Friday night throw together game a mate and I had a few weeks ago. Based in Napoleonic Spain the idea behind the game was that the British army was advancing on the town and the French needed to evacuate before they arrived. To this end a small detachment was dispatched with the last remaining French artillery piece. Taking the main road it would need to cross the stream before turning right and making a run to safety. Shown by the yellow line on the picture below. The local Spanish populace however had other ideas. Intent on preventing any French escape they had sent word to all available Spanish troops in the area.

Only 4×8 man squads (each with 2x attached skirmishers) 1x mounted officer, 2x junior officers and 2x sergeants could be spared to accompany the lone artillery piece back to the safety of the main French position. Waiting in ambush were 12x (6 pairs) of local guerrillas with a further 6×8 man squad set to arrive randomly once the French had struck out on the road.

We used  Ganeshagames SIXTY-ONE SIXTY-FIVE ACW rules for this game and although the throw together scenario was not particularly well-balanced we still managed to make an entertaining night of it.

1 Above Left: Guerillas open fire on the French convoy  from the orchard just outside town.

3 Below Left:  Joining the drive to clear the orchard the last remaining French squad moves past the stationary artillery piece.

2 Above Right: Two French squads make a dash for the crossroads. Passing behind the corn field they manage to avoid any unwanted attention.

4 Below Right:  The regular Spanish troops start to arrive on the main road blocking the only French escape route. Yes.. Yes… they are Nassau (posing as Spanish).

  1. Spanish main body advances to engage the French
  2. Spanish Guerrillas attack the French convoy from all directions
  3. The 2nd & 3rd French squads move towards the crossroads
  4. The French 4th squad prepares to cross the stream with the artillery
  5. The 1st French squad drives the guerrillas out of the orchard.
  6. The last few French Voltigeurs try to neutralize the remaining Spanish skirmishers

1 Above Left: Three French squads form up at the crossroads.

3 Below Left: French Voltigeurs advance through the orchard

2 Above Right: The artillery piece is rushed across the stream.

4 Below Right: The Spanish regulars are caught forming line in the open and are shot to pieces.

With the hour getting late and the Spanish chances of a victory slipping away we decided to call it a night. Hats off to my opponent who played in the spirit of the game rather than to the letter of the rules making this a very enjoyable evening.

Dux Bellorum

With AWC’s (Auckland War-Gaming Club) Dux Bellorum mini campaign day fast approaching the last few Thursday nights have been dedicated to coming to grips with the rules by putting some figures on the table. We have managed two games so far and hope to get in a couple more in before the big day. Unfortunately I only have a few photos of our last game in which John’s Shield wall army took on my sea raiders.


Sea raiders 32pts
  • Front Line
  • 1x Unit of Skirmishers (javelins)
  • 3x Ordinary warriors
  •  2x noble warriors
  • General with foot companions
  • Second Line
  • 1x Noble warriors
  • 1x Extra leadership point (total of 7)
Carolingian Shield wall army 32pts
  • Front Line
  • 1x Skirmisher Unit (sling)
  • 5x Spear-men Shield wall
  • 1x Medium cavalry
  • 1x Mounted general with companions
  • Second Line
  • 1x Spear-men shield wall.
  • 1x Monks
  • 1x Extra leadership points (total of 9)

Above: The main battle line stops while my left flank runs off after the enemy’s (bait) cavalry

Below: Once I’m nicely strung out the cavalry turn and charge my leading units. Smacking me for five wounds in the 1st round of combat. Ouch!

Above: Hook, line and sinker is the phrase I believe.

Below: Unable to hold my infantry back any longer they spontaneously charge the enemy’s shield wall. This doesn’t go so well for me as you can see from the casualty dice in the picture.

Unfortunately this is about when I stopped taking pictures and got lost in the game. A bloody affair that went right down to the wire. Only by sneaking my javelin men around the flank and killing the Monks did I manage to save the day. You could hardly call it a win though, as most of my remaining units were on their last legs I was but a dice roll from disaster myself .

Foot note

Between writing and posting this page John and I managed a third game with similar results (lost in the game forgot to take pictures).  The few I did snap show how nicely John’s basing is coming along for more pictures and a nice AAR check John’s blog

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