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Just Played Dec 17

Whoa! … time flies, it’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I’ve added any photos to this page. Although war-gamers seem to be a bit thin on the ground here in the Nelson area I did manage to squeeze in a fair amount of gaming in 2016. I must say it has been an interesting year in which I was introduced to many different rule systems.  Some I quite liked while others, although good were not to my taste. The first set of photos is from about the third or fourth game in an ACW campaign using Sam Mustafa’s Longstreet rule set. It was a bit of a one sided affair with my opponent Keef making short work of my poor Confederates.

▼Confederate cavalry race to secure the first of three river crossing▼
▼Dismounting they engage union troops on the opposite bank▼
▼The bulk of the Union army forms up near the bridge in the center of the battle field▼
▼Rebel infantry reach the river but haven’t the number to take the bridge▼

The following four photos are all from a marathon gaming weekend, over which my buddy Nick ran me through the basics of L’Art de la Guerre while I introduced  him to David Brown’s General de Army. Somewhere in between we squeezed in a large game of Basic Impetus II.

Pickett’s charge and Land of the Free were a couple of other rule sets I tried this year but unfortunately I don’t have any photos of those games.  .

▼28mm Carthaginians take the field against Republic Romans in a large (double list) game of BI2▼

The last group of photos are from one of a few solo games I experimented with after Nick’s departure. The idea behind this was to sort out once and for all what to do with my old Assyrian army. Based for DBM which I no longer play and painted in somewhat bold colours I’ve been thinking about revamping these boys for quite sometime now.  Splitting the army in half I played several alternating games of ADLG and Impetus using Neo-Assyrian and Babylon lists. On a whole I like the new Basic Impetus book and look forward to full Impetus version two, but ADLG has a bigger player base here and therefore worth some investigation. The game picture below was played on a six by four table using double Basic Impetus Two.

▼Heavy Chariots close with the Babylon infantry stationed on the hill▼
▼Assyrian infantry stand at the ready in center right  of the battle line▼
▼Scythian Light cavalry support the Babylon’s attack on the Assyrians light flank▼
▼The guards advance▼
▼The Assyrian heavy chariots destroy the Babylonian infantry▼
▼Scythian light horse and Babylonian chariots clash with Assyrian heavy cavalry▼
▼ Kallapani masquerading  as Babylonian heavy chariots charge the foot guards▼
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