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Just Played

Friday night game.

Here’s a couple of photos from my first taste of Spartan Games “Dystopian Wars” (A Victory/steam-punk naval game). This was a four player game with Nick’s Empire of the Blazing Sun facing off against the Federated States of America (me using Nick’s ships). While to my right Andrew’s Kingdom of Britannia came to grips with Ian’s mighty Prussian Fleet.

Not many photos I’m afraid as I was so lost in the action that I forgot about my camera. I would like to say a big thank you to the lads for the game which I really enjoyed. So much so, I was still up at 2:00 am drinking tea and checking out fleets on the internet. If you have never played this game before I would describe it as something akin to Full thrust/man of war without the paper work and yes, yes Ian I bought a fleet………or……two.

Nick’s nicely painted American Independence class Battleship. Equipped with large turrets and long range rockets, this ship (with the help of Andrew’s fighter bombers) took down the Prussian robot.


Above A Sun Ika class giant mechanical squid silently approaches the centre of the American fleet looking to kill any crew it can latch onto in a bad arse boarding action. This is the submerged version of the model. 

Middle Nick’s highly manoeuvrable Sokatsu Battleship terrorized the American fleet with its devastating fire power.

Below A Prussian Metzger Class robot strides out of the water to take centre stage on the main island. In the background you can see Nick’s fighters (on the left) and Ian’s fighter bomber squadrons (on the right).

Below  Another great looking model Ian’s Emperor class Prussian battle ship engages it’s British counter part. These ships are fitted with three large turrets one of which can be replaced with shield or tesla generators among other things.

Down at the club

Last club meeting I was looking at continuing the SDS campaign with the British second attempt at taking the outer streets. But as we ended up with one extra player I decided to take a break from the campaign and try a four player game (with only three players).

Phil and John fielded a combined French force consisting of French infantry and dismounted Dragoons, while I opposed them with a combination of British and Nassau infantry. Each force (Dragoons, French, British and Nassau) was 500pts strong and we used the card driven turn sequence detailed in the rules.  For a more in-depth look at how this game played out click the link to John’s excellent Blog

This was the first outing for my Perry plastic dragoons. Armed with carbines and swords they are at distinct disadvantage in a fire fight, but they have a good quality rating and generally get the better weapon bonus in meleé combat which makes them very dangerous at close quarters ( as I found out). These figures came in the 1813-1815 Perry’s Dragoon box set. Although the box set contains eight dismounted figures there is only one standard spur type, which has two basic body poses. However with a quick cut and tuck you can draft some of the upper bodies from the mounted dragoons onto the legs to add variation to your squad in the way of officers, musicians and the like .

Above The British officer directs his men across the bridge, while in the background his NCO leaders some of the elite squad members cross the stream. Below the Nassau engage the French on the left flank.

Above Under heavy fire from the dragoons the British attempt to form up. Below a quick bayonet charge from the French destroys the Nassau’s left ( I have no Nassau casualties hence the British bodies).

Like the Dragoon this was the first time the Nassau have seen action on the table top. Shown above is some centre company line infantry with their officer, while below are some grenadiers also with an officer. I have been slowly painting these up for some games based in and around the woods and grounds of Hougoumont.

Below With his sword in hand a lone Dragoon stands over his latest victim.

Below Nassau grenadiers exchange shoots with the French infantry and Dragoons.