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Naval Brigade

Infantry Platoon

Below- Front and side view photos of a twenty man naval platoon. It contains an NCO, lieutenant and 18 rank and file. Both of the command figures are required by the rules and have a bearing on unit morale tests throughout the game. All figures shown here are from the Perry brothers Sudan range and are painted as detailed in the British uniform guide on their website .

High Command

Front and back views of the main command figures for the entire British force. These three figures represent a captain, sergeant major and a mounted colonel on the battle field. All three figures can join/take command of any leaderless units on the field.

Gatling Gun

Below- As with all other artillery pieces in this rule set, I have mounted the gun a long with one of it’s four men crew  on a 50 x 50mm base. The other three figures are based separately on 25 x 25mm square bases for casualty removal purposes.


Left are some casualty stands. These play an important part in the game. If the Sudanese can get their hands on any of the British wounded during the game, imperial morale drops markedly. This game mechanic forces the British player to pull valuable platoon members out of his firing line in order to carry any endangered wounded to a safer location.

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