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The Dearly Departed

More of a R.I.P than a D.I.Y. this page is dedicated to past armies that lost their way or fell victim to the Roman Candle approach I have towards my war-gaming projects. The idea for the page came about as I was trolling the net looking for potentially new armies (damn you evil Internet with all your goodies). It was while trying to justify the cost of a new WoR army that I came to the following conclusions.

Firstly: I now have more armies and rule systems than I can actually play on any sort of a regular basis. Take my two Flames of War armies for example, I can’t remember the last time these were on the table. Any thoughts of a game now would require a complete reread of that rather bulky rule book, and even then I suspect I would spend a large proportion of the game asking a bunch of ridiculously stupid questions.

Secondly: I have and awful lot of stalled/dead projects stashed in cupboards and boxes all about the house, 20mm WWII, Space Hulk, etc……. Which I am now digging out and selling off.

Lastly the most startling conclusion of all, where has everything gone? All those armies I lovingly painted over the years, now gone, sold, lost, burnt, fried up with eggs and bacon or simply given away and what do I have to show for it? An odd photo or two for some armies, but sadly for most nothing at all.

So with that in mind I’ve decided to compile what photos I have lying around from past armies and projects into a graveyard of memorial galleries (click the headstones) here on the net for safe keeping.