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The Partisan attack


In our last game the British failed to secure the outer streets. This defeat now triggers a brief departure from the main campaign under the guise of mission four, a one off scenario centred on a partisan up rising in Badajoz itself. A Spanish victory here will further limit the French commanders ability to replace any loses sustained in following scenarios.

This game was played at one of the ACW’s (Auckland Wargamers club) regular meetings. The two combatants, although new to the campaign did their respective sides proud in a brutal contest which hung in the balance for many turns.

French 400 pts force
  • Officer: Armed with a pistol and sword
  • NCO: Armed with a musket
  • 1 Elite infantry: Armed with a musket
  • 2 Grenadiers: Armed with muskets
  • 4 Line infantry: Armed with muskets
  • 2 Voltigeurs: Armed with muskets
Partisans 400pts force

Commander: Armed with a Sword and 2 Pistols.

Sub-commander: Armed with a musket

Priest: Armed with a sword

2 Partisans: Brandishing pitchforks.

1 Partisan: Armed with a Blunderbuss

1 Partisan: Armed with 2 pistols

11 Musket armed Partisans.

Initial Deployment

Disturbing reports of an angry mob gathering in the town centre have reached the French HQ. Phillpon, the French commander is forced to send out a squad from his reserve in order to disperse this rabble before they can interfere with the French defences.

Dispatched with orders to scatter these disgruntled citizens the party of French troops are completely surprised by what they find. This is no small gathering of angry citizens, but in fact a large group of well armed partisans who are out for blood. Quickly the French retire to the local church grounds and immediately start erecting make shift barricades as the partisans move to surround them.

French casualties


Attacking from the south the Partisan commander boldly leads his men down the street and across the square towards the French barricades. In a flash, three of his men are cut down by the defenders musketry.

To the North the priest and his men have opted for a flank attack rather then brave French muskets in the open. Although suffering less casualties it fails to breach the French defences.

Spanish casualties


French casualties

1 (NCO)

Just as the Spanish attack begins to falter the French muskets mysteriously fall silent and the Spanish manage to reach the Southern barricades. A desperate melee now ensues as the Spaniards try to break the French resolve.

Seeking to inspire his men the French NCO bravely leaps astride the barricade, but alas a partisan musket ball rips through his chest before he can utter a single word.

Spanish casualties


French casualties


At the southern end of the church, poor little Pierre the last remaining Frenchman is finally overwhelmed by a mass of angry Spaniards. These partisans are now free to assist the priest in his quest to exterminate the remaining Frenchmen who are battling on at the rear of the church grounds.

For the bloody conclusion to this epic fight CLICK HERE.

Spanish casualties


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