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The Protagonists

All figures shown here are mounted on 1.5/30mm circular plywood bases. To make tracking reloads easier I have drilled a small hole on each base and glued in a short plastic peg. These are to hold  the bright orange rubber sleeves you can see in the picture. The advantage with having this as part of the base is that it never gets forgotten when each figure is moved about the battlefield.

Click this tutorial link for a simple step-by-step guide on basing figures in this manner.

 British Infantry

This large force of Front Rank figures were painted to represent members of the 23rd foot regiment (Royal Welsh Fusiliers). It includes an officer, NCO, drummer, line, light and grenadier figures. The standard bearer was a late addition to the force. He still carries his old regimental flag (the 4th) which I will need to change at some point. The 23rd regiment was part of Bowes Brigade in the 4th division. Other units in the brigade included the 1/7th,1/48th and 1 coy of Brunswick Oels.

95th Rifles

These six newly painted plastic Perry riflemen are late arrivals to the campaign. They should however, give the British player a few new tactical options when deciding on his force composition.

French Infantry

These lads are all Perry light infantry figures which I originally painted for some skirmish action, based on the fighting that took place in and around Hougoumont at Waterloo.  However, for this campaign they have all been drafted into the voltigeur company of the 9th light infantry battalion, garrisoned in Badajoz at the time.

French Artillery

The gun and crew are all Front Rank figures re-based from my old Peninsular army. There are a couple of small conversions here to match the required troop types in the Silence the Gun scenario. I have added a musket to one figure in order to arm the NCO with the correct weapon. In order to gain a little more variation within the gun crew a small piece of wire was added to one figure as a trailer spike.


These are all Perry figures again, this time from their Carlist war range. Not historically correct, but lovely figures all the same. As with the artillery crew there are couple of weapon swaps in this squad. Both of these involve the standard bearers that came in the command pack. Instead of their standards they simply got pitchforks.


These Front Rank casualty figures are still on their original rectangular bases which I used in my Shako II games. The numbers in the corners of the bases were used to track the amount of damage (kills) a unit had sustained in the game. I haven’t removed these numbers as they will come in handy for games of DSLB .

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