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2ère Brigade de la 9ème Division d’Infanterie

Originally conceived as an army for Lasalle (Sam Mustafa’s Napoleonic rule set) the entire division along with it’s supporting artillery are all from the Perry Brothers French Napoleonic metal range. Although I have since purchased some of their plastic box sets for other projects they were unavailable at the time of starting this little enterprise. Previously painted 28mm French units in my collection are an eclectic mix of Front Rank units from both the Spanish Peninsular and Russian campaigns. They have been re-based multiple times over the years as I tried different rule sets and include a variety of French, Italian and Swiss battalions. Rather than converting these already finished figures for the 1815 campaign I decided to start afresh.

The 1st, 2nd & 3rd Battalions of the 4th Light Regiment


Pictured below is a basic uniform guide for the 4th light regiment which combined with the 100th line formed the 2nd infantry brigade in Foy’s 9th division. The multi-coloured trousers are just possible variations that may have been worn over the course of this short campaign. Common variations to the epaulettes shown on the voltigeur are those labelled A, B and C. Example D (with silver tassels) was reserved for voltigeur sergeants while example E, red with silver trim was worn by the grenadier sergeants. The magnifying-glass symbol details the badges on the coat turn-backs.


As stated on the other pages in this series I am by no means an authority on Napoleonic history or uniforms. While I have done my best to ensure these guides are correct, they are however only based on a limited amount of research. If you would like a more complete guide to these uniforms I would suggest checking out Les Uniformes pendant la campagne (a French site).

The 1st, 2nd & 3rd Battalions of the 100th Line Regiment

The uniform of the 100th line is almost identical to that of the line regiments in the 1st brigade. A notable difference here is the drummers coat which is of imperial green opposed to the dark blue coat detailed in the 1st Brigades uniform plates. The only other change is in the colouring of the voltigeur’s epaulettes.

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