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Just painted 30.08.2015

Building on the Punic war theme lately I have been working on 28mm Celt-Iberians. However, having finished all the Spanish figures I currently own my attention has now shifted to some plastic War of the Roses box sets I brought from Perry miniatures some time ago. Over the last couple of weeks (while awaiting more Spanish) I’ve managed to punch out five infantry units for my Lancastrian army. Two elements of longbows, two elements of billmen and one unit of men-at-arms. All of which are wearing the colours of the Earl of Northumberland. The unit flags pictured here contain a large amount of artistic licence as they are of my own making.

Before launching into the Spanish, I did manage to add a couple of units to my Republic Romans (one Triarii and one Hastati/Principes). Also, pictured here is a single element of recently completed Carthaginian veteran spear men.

Lastly below are some casualty markers for my Punic war armies. Made by gluing two strips of plastic card together (one of which I cut a dice sized hole in). These were built to hold a single 6mm dice which will help track unit loses.

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