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Just Painted May 2017

Although it has been awhile since this page was last updated I haven’t been slacking off on the painting front at all. In fact as you will see in the pictures below I’ve managed to complete (IMO) quite a few new elements for the three main time periods I enjoy gaming the most. As an added bonus about fifty percent of the figures shown here I already owned so for the first time in years my unpainted lead pile is actually shrinking all be it very slowly.

Over the last few months a local gaming buddy (Keith) and I have been trying some different American civil war rules, the latest of which is Pickett’s Charge written by David Brown. We have also worked our way through the beginnings of an “On to Richmond campaign” (Sam Mustafa’s Longstreet rule set). It was during these games that I realized both my 28mm ACW armies lacked howitzer gun stands. As a quick fix for this short coming I recently purchased one of the Perry brother’s plastic artillery box sets and painted up one Rebel and two Union howitzer bases. One of the three limbers from this set ended up as the damaged gun marker (pictured on the right) for future fire and fury games. Unhappy with the overall look of my artillery limber teams I then went on to re-base all these stands adding an extra pair of horses and some seated crew to each model in an effort to make them more visually appealing on the table top.

Pickett’s Charge doesn’t use a casualty removal system choosing instead to record unit losses on either an army roster sheet or with individual markers/dice attached to the units on the table. Pictured below is a preliminary set of dice holding casualty markers made using chopped up old FoW bases with plastic hats, drums, barrels and guns attached from the bits box to add some civil war flavour.

After watching David Brown’s short series of videos on his up and coming Napoleonic rules General d’ armee which, as I understand it use a similar command and control mechanic to Pickett’s charge I found myself ordering a copy of the prerelease rules pack. The damage done it was time to sort through my odds and sods box of 28mm British infantry in a vain attempt to cobble together enough allied battalions  to face my ever growing French army. The following three battalions are a mixture of old figures (painted to various degrees) and newly painted front rank reinforcement  packs. Adding these new battalions to the mix I can now field 24 (British, Portuguese and Spanish) allied battalions although it must be said, it’s an eclectic mess of an army sporting a mixture of stovepipes and Belgic shakos and incorrectly painted uniforms. Below these battalions are a couple of photos showing two recently finished Front rank British (six pounder) light  guns.

Lastly with the arrival of Basic Impetvs Two my ancient armies are in need of some tweaking to match the new army lists. Preferring to play bigger games (double the normal army list) several of my current armies will require a few more elements to complete their force composition. Thus far I have managed to paint up two elements of Roman Velites and Principes, some mixed skirmishers and three stands of Numidian light horse.

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