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Just Painted October 2017

The Austrian Project

Finally after sitting around for two years in unopened boxes I have managed to assemble and paint four battalions of Austrian infantry. I was hoping to have ten battalions finished by Christmas but alas I’ve been distracted by yet another new project.

▼13th Grenzer regiment (Wallacho-Illyrian) 1st battalion▼
▼Three Battalions of 22nd regiment await their colours▼

▲  A mix of old and newly painted figures make up this unit of highlanders. ► My re-based British CinC stand followed by six brigade command elements and four newly painted ADC officers. Like the French command stands pictured below these figures were all re-based (and in some cases repainted) to better suit the Général d’ Armée rule system.

◄ Both groups of British and French CinC figures were mounted on a 100mm circular base. Their respective brigade commanders were mounted on 60mm circular stands while all ADC officers are individually based.

Pictured here is a mixture of old and newly painted light infantry figures. Like the command stands above, these skirmish figures were all based with the GdA rule system in mind. Originally individually based I found that skirmish lines tended to stretch or shrink to exploit various tactical situations in any given game and thus make the area they were occupying hard to define. Mounted on 40/100mm bases these units when deployed in base to base contact now cover  the correct table space and leave no questions as to what area they can occupy on the gaming table.

▲Spanish brigade generals accompanied by two ADC’s followed by a single Artillery stand painted to complete a three gun battery pictured above.

◄ Last but not least a few more ancients. Slowly but surely I’m painting some of the list options for all of my 28mm Impetus armies. This month I managed to complete two elements of slingers for each of my Numidian and Spanish armies. Lastly three stands of javelin men were also added to the Numidian list.

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