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Mark II modular terrain boards (sold)

Pictured here is my second attempt at constructing modular terrain boards and in many ways a major step up from the first set I ever made. However, I reluctantly had to sell these when we moved to the South island. They were constructed from 300/300/6mm cork floor tiles glued to 50mm thick sheets of polystyrene. The river and road patterns were cut into the tiles while a mixture of grit, PVA glue and mastic was applied to add character to the playing surface before painting and flocking the tiles. The last step in the process was to spray each tile with a PVA/water mixture to help bond the flock in place. Although quite pricey the cork tiles make a really nice playing surface.

All the photos here came from the ad I placed on the internet when selling the terrain boards. In all I made eight 24 inch square tiles, eight 24 by 12 inch tiles and a single square 12 inch tile. The roads and rivers were made to meet in similar places on each board so they could be as interchangeable as possible  Below are just a few examples of how the boards could be placed together to form a large variety of table sizes and layouts