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Republic Romans


This small, but tough Roman army follows the parameters detailed on the Basic Impetus page of Dadi & Pombo’s web site. At present, I have completed two medium cavalry, four heavy foot and two skirmish elements, which is the standard force for these rules. Units stats, special weapons and other list options can be viewed for free on the Basic Impetus web page under the army list sub section entitled  Rome and the Mediterranean.

Based to match my Carthaginian and Numidian armies on 3mm thick laser cut plywood all units share a common frontage of 120mm. Only the base depth varies depending on the unit type, 80mm for cavalry, 60mm for infantry and 40mm for skirmishers.

Figure wise I chose to build the entire army from Aventine miniatures excellent Republic Roman range. The little big man shield transfers and steel javelins were also procured from Aventine miniatures at the same time.

Medium Cavalry & General

Combinations of the following cavalry packs were used to create these two mounted units 1x RR40a (Mounted officers), 1x RR41 (Mounted command) and 2x RR42 (mounted swordsmen) . The foremost element represents the army commander and contains two officers, two standard bearers, a musician and single swordsman. The second cavalry element contains one officer accompanied by four swordsmen.

Heavy Infantry Legionaries

Making up the bulk of this Roman army these four elements of legionaries each contain a Centurion, Signifier, Vexillum, Cornicen and eleven swordsmen. The red and white shield transfers are intended to help identify different army groups once I have completed enough units for multiple command size games.

Separate sword arms

All the infantry packs I purchased came with detached sword arms (pictured left). This allowed me to create variations of the four standard poses supplied within each pack. By cleverly covering the join between the torso and the upper arm with the chain-mail shoulder strap, there is no unsightly cracks to fill. This basically means once the glue dries you are ready to undercoat. Pictured below are a few examples of how the arm can be attached in a variety of positions.

BIRRT19In order to help my armies survive the riggers of the gaming table I tend to replace any pre-cast banner poles with metal or brass rods.

Left Once the pre-cast pole has been removed and something stronger glued in place, tags made from Green Stuff are added to help cover the join at the top of the pole.

Right After a lick of paint you can’t really tell it has been changed.


These two skirmish elements are a mixture of the Aventine packs RR001 (wolf fur covers on the  helmets) and  RR002 (standard helmets). Although each pack contains four pre-cast javelins I ended up replacing those with the much tougher steel variety. For added effect I have drilled out the hands on each shield arm so a second javelin could be added to each figure.