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Song of Drums & Shakos Campaign


At last year’s AGM of the Auckland War-gammers Club ideas were being bandied about for 2014 club events. For some unbeknown reason I volunteered to run a “Song of Drums and Shakos” campaign. With no experience in such matters and no real idea what to do next, I went home to hit google. In the file section of the Song of blades yahoo group  I found “The Siege of Badajoz” posted by toaster5sqn. Perfect, what a find. One quick read followed by a truly outrageous internet shopping spree and I was set. I won’t be posting toaster’s campaign rules here, simply because they aren’t really mine to pass on. They are however (at the time of writing this) freely available on the Song of blades yahoo group as stated above. The following pages will instead be dedicated to recording the clubs progress through the missions along with battle reports and any special rules we add along the way.

Main Campaign Map and update.

This map details the English army’s progress into Badajoz. We are now four games into the campaign. Game one saw the French defences at the walls crumble under a brutal British assault. The second scenario “Silence the gun” was never played as the British gained entry into the city on their first attempt. Regrouping in game two the French managed to check the English advance into the outer streets of Badajoz. Game three saw a Partisans uprising within the city it’s self. The French defeated the Spanish in what was a very close game and now brace themselves for the next British assault on the city streets. this action is detailed below in game fours after action report.

Click the maps below to view battle reports

Storm The Breach
Silence The Gun
Take The Outer Streets
The Partisans Attack
Take The Outer Streets (2nd Attack)
The Protagonists
Spanish Building Gallery
Rule info and links
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