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Song of Drums & Shakos info

The following information may prove to be helpful to anyone following this campaign that hasn’t tried this rule system yet and would like to know a little more about it. Below is a brief overview of the main subject matter contained within the rule book and it’s subsequent supplement.

The rules themselves accommodate figure scales ranging from 15mm to 40mm. With the respective table sizes starting at 60 by 60cm for 15mm and reaching 120 by 120cm for 40mm figures. No tape measures are required for this rule system. All movement and shooting ranges use one of the three measuring sticks, short,medium and long. In the photo below you can see how these three measurements can be combined into 1 multi-purpose stick. The large red stick in the photo is the maximum range for arms fire (3 long). Song of Drums and Shakos also requires 3 x D6 dice and 8  to 16 figures per side for a game.

For more information I recommend  following any of the links listed below.

Book 1

Available in both printed and PDF format. This book contains the core or basic rules along with 24 special rules. These special rules add extra attributes (both positive and negative) to individual squad members. There are rosters for all the main nations, France, Britain, Prussia, Austria and Russia. The Book also contains three playable scenarios and  a national feature rule for each of the five nations.

Book 2

Also available in both printed and PDF format this 32 page supplement adds more core and special rules to the game. There are five new scenarios to try and 29 more squad rosters.

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