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Take the outer streets


Game two of the campaign sees the French defending the outer streets of Badajoz from the advancing British who in turn are trying to capitalize on their initial success in Storm the Breach. In this mission the French player may deploy in ambush and up to the half way point (high lighted blue in the map above). For each French figure two markers (one dummy, one real) are placed on the table. We assumed all doors and windows were locked, barred or barricaded to both British and French players alike. These would need to be broken down before a building could be entered.

British 400pt force
  • 1x Officer
  • 1x NCO
  • 1x Standard bearer
  • 3x Veterans
  • 5x Line centre company
French 400pt force
  • 1x Officer
  • 1x NCO
  • 3x Veterans
  • 6x Line centre company

As the British infantry cautiously advance into the narrow streets the French NCO stands and gives the order to open fire. From their roof top vantage point the French veterans engage the startled British . A short fire fight see the Englishmen ducking for cover in and around the outer buildings.

Seeking escape from the deadly French musketry the British troops look to the houses for the protection they need. To this end, they begin smashing down doors (in order to gain entry). Seizing the initiative a solitary Voltigeur loops around the blind side of a building and out flanks the preoccupied British infantry. Only when one of their number drops to the ground badly wounded do the English realize that their flank has been compromised.

While confusion spreads throughout the English ranks the French commander gathers together what men he can, then rushes to support the Voltigeur. Pinned down in different buildings the British can do little to stop the concentrated French counter attack. The few Englishmen that do leave the safety of the houses are quickly dispatched by the veterans on the roof top.

The British right flank begins to collapse as superior French numbers overwhelm the isolated defenders. Bravely the English fight on, but when their commander is killed (the last to fall) they break and run for the breach.


For the loss of one man (KIA) the French have managed to rout the British and hold on to the outer streets. Mission casualties for the French however, are cumulative and cannot be replaced. When returning to re-fight this game they will start with only 377pts instead of 400pts (23 points or one man less than they had in this round).

Before this re-fight can take place the campaign moves to a one off side mission (4) The Partisan Attack. Once this game has been resolved and its outcome applied to the appropriate force we will return to fight mission three again.

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