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Here I will add all things Napoleonic, photos, battle reports and the like


 Song of drums and shakos campaign

SDS is an award winning Napoleonic skirmish rule set written by Sergio Laliscia.(Ganesha Games). The campaign rules are from the file section on the Song of Blades yahoo group and were written by Toaster5sqn. To view proceedings in the Song of Drums and Shakos campaign The Siege of Badajoz

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28mm Peninsular battle report

This is a battle report of 28mm game we played using the Drums and Shakos Large battles rules system. Both the French and British forces were base loosely around the army list provided at the back of the rule book. To check it out

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 Waterloo in 6mm

An after action report for the Battle of Waterloo. In this five player game we used Sam Mustafa’s Grand Armée rule set with a 6mm cast of thousands on a six by ten foot table.

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6mm Gallery

Napoleon’s army at Waterloo. This is a 6mm army based in brigades, for Sam Mustafa’s Grande Armée fast play rules.

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Foy’s 9th Division

One of the three infantry divisions in Reille’s II army corps of the Armée Du Nord. Foy’s battalions were heavily engaged at both Quatre Bras and Waterloo in the 100 days campaign. To check out my 28mm rendition of this division

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28mm General d’ Armee Battle report.

Now that I have enough terrain tiles to cover the war gaming table it was time for a big Napoleonic battle. Click the picture to check it out

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28mm General d” armee AAR

The road to Lisbon documents a clash between British and French forces on the borders of Spain and Portugal. .

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