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Hello and welcome to my miniature war-gaming site

Unfortunately updates to the site are on hold at present as my wife and I are still settling into our new home in Nelson (having recently moved from the north to the south island of New Zealand). Hopefully I will have my new hobby room up and running in the next month or two after which I should be able to find time to play some games and add new content to the site.

Thanks to everyone for visiting so far


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Dec 28th 2015: A closer look at my recently complete 28mm Celt-Iberian army.

Dec 28th 2015: 28mm Romans vs Celt-Iberians AAR, using the Impetus ancients rule system.

October 10th 2015: 28mm Fire and Fury AAR on a four player game of the Brawner’s farm scenario added.

Roundie’s World.

A quick look at what I’ve been up to lately.

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Updated 22nd Nov 2015

Updated 10th October 2015

Updated 22nd Nov 2015